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Prettiest Freebootah

A Hypothetical Absurdity

1 February 1972
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I am a writer-dancer-artist, a sometime poet and closet singer. I have a corporate day job that is my secret identity.

I live in the city, though not a large one; I am an urban witch and I am at home here. I see the cycles of nature here among the bricks, just as much as I see them among the trees.

I love horror movies; the more zombies the better and if it has eighties music and big hair...that's a bonus. I collect vampire and occult folklore with a preference for local New England tales. I adore spooky stories that make me go to bed with the light on. I also entertain myself with martial arts films..

I grow things. Mostly in pots in my small back yard. I craft with yarn, fabric and paint. I find new uses for old things. Like most crafters I have an excessive collection of materials that I have yet to organize.

I don't like doing dishes, laundry or making the bed but I do them anyway. I love dancing, reading, talking with friends, walking barefoot and taking naps in the sun, on the couch with my cats.

If there were a way to exist by eating only dark chocolate, I would do it.

Much of my journal is becoming friends only but I still share plenty of public posts.

I also have a blog called Urban by Nature: A Pagan in the City.

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Click for Portland, Maine Forecast